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CAUTION! InterPals is a Russian KGB Site

The answer to all questions about InterPals was given on May 30, 2010:
InterPals = FSB / KGB

The Real Antonio Lupher of InterPals Exposed – by Bo Chen, a long time former InterPals member and moderator

Often in life reality isn’t what it seems. The truth is that many times upon second (or third or fourth, etc.) glance we realize we just don’t really know anything at all. Appearances, perceptions and our own ideals of how things should be or how people ought to act can often lead us astray.

My name is Bo, and this is my story and encounter with the Interpals online penpalling experience. And it is also my own revelation that – ironically – I’ve come to find that on the Internet appearances are illusive and an online buddy or friend who you thought you knew so well can someday turn out to be not who or what you had once imagined or expected.
I’ve always liked penpalling and over the years I’ve been on and off the website since approximately 1999. Personally I’ve witnessed the metamorphosis, changes and growth of the Interpals and its transformation from strictly “newspapers-like” online classifieds to a full-fledged social networking service armed with myspace/facebook/twitter copycat innovations such as “walls”, instant messaging, forums, group chat, “friends” list, bookmarking, and etc.

A while ago I was even a volunteer profile moderator on Interpals working with two other volunteer mods by the then InterPals usernames of “Gotterkind” (Brad aka HazMat) and “Whitewolf” (Jeremy)… We had fun exterminating Nigerian scammers and Russian sex scams and annoying stuff that deteriorated the site experience. And there was also this 30 year old computer hacker named Spy_Phoenix (Matt from down south Australia) who liked to come on to cause troubles and stir up controversy on the forums, we had a love-hate relationship with him, but overall it was fun! We were all three of us working under the Interpals sole (only) site owner, developer, and creator Mr. Antonio Lupher.  At the time I didn’t know much about Antonio, other than the fact that he was close to my age (we were both born in 1985) and that he started the site when he was just barely 13 years ago living in Tacoma Washington area… and that somehow he later moved and relocated to live in Moscow, Russia… but was still running the site online and actively developing new and improved features with the help of ‘Whitewolf’ (Jeremy) So when he saw that I was active on the site and asked me if I wanted to volunteer to help, I of course agreed and said yes. Little did I know that would be one of the worst decisions of my life.

Now let me start from the end and work back towards the middle and beginning again. (InterPals, LLC), the online penpalling website is owned by one person only: Mr. Antonio R Lupher (born in 1985) of Tacoma, WA. He grew up with his parents Norma D Ramirez and David A Lupher living at 819 N Washington St, Tacoma, WA  98406. Even though I’ve known Antonio for many years, he is a very private and secretive guy (his own InterPals profile was blank and not even filled out until just this later half of the year!) and it took a lot of digging through public records and freely available sources to find all this information. It appears he is also the owner of a now defunct “Webqual” Web Design company of which he is the sole owner and employee.  During the beginning InterPals was designed using “Webqual” and later it became so popular that Antonio decided to work full time on the project and devoted much of his attention to improve the service and harvesting as many users as possible.  He has a personal website located at and it appears he created many other much lesser well known sites in the past such as his Civil War Music site

Antonio went to Harvard University and received a world class education.  He interned at Intern (Systems) at D.E. Shaw & Co., L.P and also he interned and free-lanced at The Moscow Times helping to write articles.  Later he immigrated and relocated to Russia (the former USSR) and re-educated himself at Moskovskij Gosudarstvennyj Institut Meždunarodnyh Otnošenij (Universitet) and Sankt-Peterburgskij Gosudarstvennyj Universitet. The last time I communicated with him on good terms he told me he was still going to school and had a busy semester. So I suppose these days he’s still residing/hiding somewhere in Moscow.

Antonio (he calls himself “A”) speaks and writes fluent English, he’s pretty good at Spanish too, and I suppose he has an excellent grasp of the Russian language.

But for now let me just tell you this: Antonio Lupher also goes by the username of “Mefistofele” and “Mefistofele85”. One of his many IP addresses (not my fault, he publicly revealed it on Wikipedia) is and he usually likes browsing the web on his Safari web browser on that iMac of his from Moscow, Russia. To the best of my knowledge his parents still live in Tacoma, Washington and he claims to run Interpals from “the United States”. He can be contacted at, and also,, among many other personal and professional email addresses.

This guy is quite a sly and cunning and devious underhanded backstabbing hypocritical fellow I must tell and warn you. If I could have sent this letter back in time to myself a couple of years ago I would have saved myself a lot of headache and betray and undue emotional distress.  But anyways, I digress... The world sure ain’t what it seems now, is it?

Antonio would have made a great actor… because, I say this, because of all the things I know about him, what has been revealed to me is his defining characteristic is his unsettling ability to “act”, to misinform, to spread disinformation, to propagandize, and I believe the ultimate “inside job” – which is to fool and deceive even he himself! Maybe he would make a great politician too!

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