Monday, February 16, 2015

Mad and Rabid Russian Pigs Continue to Flourish on InterPals Forum

  InterPals forum was came back in January. Russian pigs on InterPals must be having some trouble with the loss in the ruble – they are posting more regularly and recruiting more and more Kremlin trolls... This new League needs more numbers because there is less work in other sectors. Wages for trolling supplement other measly incomes? Products have gone up in Russia (inflation), so they need at least this income or a 2nd income.
  They are insulting Ukrainians, calling Ukrainian girls whores, and the mods don’t do anything about it. Shithole site – !

Friday, September 5, 2014

Punishment for InterPals

  On August 6th, 2014 InterPals were hacked and some Russian trolls together with pro-Russian moderators were deleted. InterPals had been warned and asked not to cover up Russian putinoid pigs. This warning was useless. Brutal force is the only language that InterPals understand  - just like Russia... 
   Since August 6th, 2014 InterPals forum is “closed for maintenance”. Better no forum at all than a Russian sewer. Fine for now.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Another Russian Anti-Ukrainian Cunt: Sveta1216

Oceano Update

Oceano Part 1:
Russian Pigs Spoil Everything – Even InterPals: shut_up_please Doesn't Want to Shut Up

Oceano’s profile at 

Her e-mail:
Her additional pictures:

shut_up_please Update

shut_up_please Part 1:
Russian Pigs Spoil Everything – Even InterPals: shut_up_please Doesn't Want to Shut Up

shut_up_please Part 2:
Russian Bitch shut_up_please Got So Scared That She Changed Her Sex

Her name is Диана Шейхова (Diana Sheikhova) and she is, as mentioned earlier, from Moscow.

Her additional pictures:


She has extremely oligophrenic friends. Oh, look at those typical Russian muzzles...

The Major InterPals Bastard – the Owner

The main article about this Kremlin whore Antonio Lupher:

CAUTION! InterPals is a Russian KGB Site

His InterPals profile:

Ban Russian Trolls

Friday, March 14, 2014


13.03.2014 23:04

У меня есть несколько европейских друзей, зарегистрированных на сайте «InterPals» - это самый популярный сайт для поиска друзей по переписке, на котором также присутствуют элементы социальной сети. Один из моих друзей возмутился бешеным разгулом российских троллей на форуме «InterPals», усилившимся после вторжения РФ в Украину.

Когда он начал активно противодействовать этим троллям и сообщать о них модераторам, его профиль стали постоянно удалять, сколько бы раз он его ни восстанавливал. Тогда его товарищи создали блог о пророссийском беспределе, творящемся на официально считающимся «американским» сайте «InterPals»: Когда они внимательно поискали в интернете, они нашли ответ на все возникшие вопросы. Вот опубликованный ими материал (на английском языке):

CAUTION! InterPals is a Russian KGB Site

Ещё в мае 2010 года с разоблачением «InterPals» выступил Бо Чен – бывший модератор сайта. Благодаря Бо Чену стало известно, что единственным владельцем «InterPals» является Антонио Луфер (Antonio Lupher), родившийся в 1985 году в США в городе Такома, штат Вашингтон.

Луфер переехал в Россию и некоторое время работал фрилансером в газете «The Moscow Times», а также обучался в Московском государственном институте международных отношений и в Санкт-Петербургском государственном университете. Антонио Луфер обустроился в Москве надёжно и надолго. Луфер утверждает, что он занимается администрированием сайта из США, однако на самом деле это происходит из Москвы – Бо Чен подловил Луфера на IP. Такие люди, как Луфер, просто так в России не остаются.

Учитывая политику, проводимую «InterPals», можно с уверенностью утверждать, что этот сайт является детищем ФСБ и создан специально для сбора информации о пользователях со всего мира. Проект очень успешный – за долгие годы существования сайта агенту ФСБ Луферу удалось одурачить миллионы людей.

Хотелось бы призвать всех здравомыслящих людей держаться подальше от «InterPals».

Пётр Каминский

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oceano – Russian Troll Bitch #2 on InterPals

   After presenting the Russian troll bitch #1 on InterPals shut_up_please (Part 1 and Part 2 of the series), we introduce #2:

  Her style of trolling can be called “rabid cockroach posting” or “hysterical spamming” – it’s typical for the Kremlin Internet trolls, especially females. No sense at all, just intensive jerking.

CAUTION! InterPals is a Russian KGB Site

The answer to all questions about InterPals was given on May 30, 2010:
InterPals = FSB / KGB

The Real Antonio Lupher of InterPals Exposed – by Bo Chen, a long time former InterPals member and moderator

Often in life reality isn’t what it seems. The truth is that many times upon second (or third or fourth, etc.) glance we realize we just don’t really know anything at all. Appearances, perceptions and our own ideals of how things should be or how people ought to act can often lead us astray.

My name is Bo, and this is my story and encounter with the Interpals online penpalling experience. And it is also my own revelation that – ironically – I’ve come to find that on the Internet appearances are illusive and an online buddy or friend who you thought you knew so well can someday turn out to be not who or what you had once imagined or expected.
I’ve always liked penpalling and over the years I’ve been on and off the website since approximately 1999. Personally I’ve witnessed the metamorphosis, changes and growth of the Interpals and its transformation from strictly “newspapers-like” online classifieds to a full-fledged social networking service armed with myspace/facebook/twitter copycat innovations such as “walls”, instant messaging, forums, group chat, “friends” list, bookmarking, and etc.

A while ago I was even a volunteer profile moderator on Interpals working with two other volunteer mods by the then InterPals usernames of “Gotterkind” (Brad aka HazMat) and “Whitewolf” (Jeremy)… We had fun exterminating Nigerian scammers and Russian sex scams and annoying stuff that deteriorated the site experience. And there was also this 30 year old computer hacker named Spy_Phoenix (Matt from down south Australia) who liked to come on to cause troubles and stir up controversy on the forums, we had a love-hate relationship with him, but overall it was fun! We were all three of us working under the Interpals sole (only) site owner, developer, and creator Mr. Antonio Lupher.  At the time I didn’t know much about Antonio, other than the fact that he was close to my age (we were both born in 1985) and that he started the site when he was just barely 13 years ago living in Tacoma Washington area… and that somehow he later moved and relocated to live in Moscow, Russia… but was still running the site online and actively developing new and improved features with the help of ‘Whitewolf’ (Jeremy) So when he saw that I was active on the site and asked me if I wanted to volunteer to help, I of course agreed and said yes. Little did I know that would be one of the worst decisions of my life.

Now let me start from the end and work back towards the middle and beginning again. (InterPals, LLC), the online penpalling website is owned by one person only: Mr. Antonio R Lupher (born in 1985) of Tacoma, WA. He grew up with his parents Norma D Ramirez and David A Lupher living at 819 N Washington St, Tacoma, WA  98406. Even though I’ve known Antonio for many years, he is a very private and secretive guy (his own InterPals profile was blank and not even filled out until just this later half of the year!) and it took a lot of digging through public records and freely available sources to find all this information. It appears he is also the owner of a now defunct “Webqual” Web Design company of which he is the sole owner and employee.  During the beginning InterPals was designed using “Webqual” and later it became so popular that Antonio decided to work full time on the project and devoted much of his attention to improve the service and harvesting as many users as possible.  He has a personal website located at and it appears he created many other much lesser well known sites in the past such as his Civil War Music site

Antonio went to Harvard University and received a world class education.  He interned at Intern (Systems) at D.E. Shaw & Co., L.P and also he interned and free-lanced at The Moscow Times helping to write articles.  Later he immigrated and relocated to Russia (the former USSR) and re-educated himself at Moskovskij Gosudarstvennyj Institut Meždunarodnyh Otnošenij (Universitet) and Sankt-Peterburgskij Gosudarstvennyj Universitet. The last time I communicated with him on good terms he told me he was still going to school and had a busy semester. So I suppose these days he’s still residing/hiding somewhere in Moscow.

Antonio (he calls himself “A”) speaks and writes fluent English, he’s pretty good at Spanish too, and I suppose he has an excellent grasp of the Russian language.

But for now let me just tell you this: Antonio Lupher also goes by the username of “Mefistofele” and “Mefistofele85”. One of his many IP addresses (not my fault, he publicly revealed it on Wikipedia) is and he usually likes browsing the web on his Safari web browser on that iMac of his from Moscow, Russia. To the best of my knowledge his parents still live in Tacoma, Washington and he claims to run Interpals from “the United States”. He can be contacted at, and also,, among many other personal and professional email addresses.

This guy is quite a sly and cunning and devious underhanded backstabbing hypocritical fellow I must tell and warn you. If I could have sent this letter back in time to myself a couple of years ago I would have saved myself a lot of headache and betray and undue emotional distress.  But anyways, I digress... The world sure ain’t what it seems now, is it?

Antonio would have made a great actor… because, I say this, because of all the things I know about him, what has been revealed to me is his defining characteristic is his unsettling ability to “act”, to misinform, to spread disinformation, to propagandize, and I believe the ultimate “inside job” – which is to fool and deceive even he himself! Maybe he would make a great politician too! Bans Freedom

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pro-Russian Political Repressions on InterPals: A Letter from a Persecuted User

RRicho, I've received this message and I demand explanations:

Message from InterPals Moderators

Your profile or albums have been found to contain hateful or racist content. This is not acceptable on a site based on friendship.

This is a violation of the Terms of Service.  Please note that this is a warning and any further misconduct could result in the deletion of your account.

Thank you,
InterPals Staff

I want you to tell me specifically, what is "hateful" and "racist" there. This message looks like witchhunt and political persecution. InterPals has started to act like KGB.

If there's something really hateful and racist, I will change or delete it. Or is the message from your staff just a revenge for criticism???

"Fascist Russia" is racist and hateful?  But many Russians call it this way too.

Russia: 21st Century Gulag       17:59

And you probably never have seen this:

I just would like to make your knowledge deeper...

Disclaimer: My message to you can't stay private. The copy of it can be shown to anyone who is interested (and it will definitely be sent to my friends). I can't be made reponsible for any further spreading of its content. I am not responsible for actions of other persons, whether I know them or not.

I am here on InterPals to find friends - I want to state it clearly. But many Russians here are real perverts, they troll and insult people, especially on forums. Thanks to them the international section of the InterPals forum (first and foremost "News, Events & Politics") has become a sewer. I've talked with several people and they told me they don't want to visit the InterPals forum because of Russians. A certain number of Russians on InterPals prevents people from communicating in a normal, civilized way. The friendly atmosphere on InterPals is destroyed by Russians. I received compaints from Ukrainians who were offended on their profile walls. Some Ukrainians block Russia because they don't want to be harassed by rabid imbeciles.

One of the most outrageous trolls is
shut_up_please. Now she has "changed her sex" and calls herself "Pedro" instead of Diana.

She has insulted Ukrainians many times. She has violated the Terms of Service multiple times, and she has been reported multiple times. But she is still raving and scoffing at people.

She said in Russian to a Ukrainian girl "you fool" and "go and tell it to your fucker, not us (Russians)". This thread is already deleted, but I and my friends have a screenshot.

Here is something that is even worse:
National Ukrainian and Belarussian forums
page 4, Posted: 10 Mar 2014 20:57 by

Ну че, хохлята, мои вам поздравления

To call Ukrainians "
хохлята" is like to call Africans"niggers" or Jews "kikes".

Would you tolerate this:

Well, niggers, my congratulations to you
Well, kikes, my congratulations to you

Why do you tolerate
Well, хохлята, my congratulations to you

And you want to delete me for this truth? So c'mon ... But what will you achieve?

Russian Bitch shut_up_please Got So Scared That She Changed Her Sex

  We continue our series about shut_up_please - Russian troll #1 on InterPals. After the publication of Part 1 this bitch got so scared that she changed her sex:

  As you see, now she is “male” and calls herself Pedro instead of Diana. We wonder whether she has changed her sex surgically or just runs around with a rubber penis.

  In the meantime she continues to troll. Here is her post from the newly created Ukrainian forum:

  And here is her excrement from “Suggestions & Feature Requests: National Ukrainian and Belarussian forums” (by the way, Belarusian should be spelled with one “s” – Belarusians are not Russians and have very little in common with them):

  She calls Ukrainians “хохлята”. “Хохлята” is offensive for Ukrainians and is like “niggers” for Africans or “kikes” for Jews.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Mr. abkhazian or Mr. russianpiggian ?

  There’s an Abkhazian renegade on InterPals who behaves like a true Russian Nazi pig. His name is Marat Arshba. His ardent pro-Russian asskissing makes us think he is Kadyrov’s Abkhazian little brother (Kadyrov is a notorious Chechen quisling). Here is his InterPals profile: You can find him also on Facebook:  Such renegades like him are despised and hated even by Russian Nazis themselves and called churki (singular form: churka).

  Here is his pig snout – he resembles the lumpenproletariat that won the so-called “Great October Socialist Revolution” (Bolshevik coup in 1917) and looks like a character from Mikhail Bulgakov’s book “Heart of a Dog”:

  He played a big role in destroying a Belarusian-Ukrainian thread in the Polish section of the InterPals forum. Here is his anti-Ukrainian trolling (click on the pictures to see the bigger versions):

  This Abkhazian churka claims that “Ukrainians don’t exist in nature, it’s an artificial nation”:

  If you have complaints about Russians and pro-Russian churkas on InterPals, send them to If we find them well-founded, we’ll publish them.

stanislav17 – Russian Nazi Piglet from Nizhny Novgorod

  Here’s another Russian Nazi bastard from InterPals, 18-year-old piglet Stanislav Starodubov: (You can find him also on VKonakte:

  He is a typical Russian gopnik:
  Take a look at his imbecile snout:

  This is a screenshot of his message on a profile wall of a Ukrainian girl (we try to protect victims when possible, so we don’t say who she is), where he insults Ukraine and Ukrainians and calls them “traitors”:

  If you have complaints about Russians on InterPals, send them to If we find them well-founded, we’ll publish them.